Sunday, 4 December 2011

SPECIAL: Skinny Body Care (Part 3: The Bentley Club)

Oh wait! I am still on the Skinny Body Care weight management product, I just can't get enough of this popular program ;-). In my last post, I talked about the ingredients that make it a success. Today, I am going to share the other aspect of this program: their attractive pay plan, which aimed to make you (or the affiliate) a success.. There are a total of 8 ways whereby the affiliates can earn money from and I single out their Bentley Club bonus plan as one of the best.

Following is the direct extract of what Bentley Club is all about:

Unlike any other car bonus ever seen in the entire industry, with the Skinny Body Care Bentley Club, you can earn the car of your dreams completely paid off 100%.

Most car bonuses require you to use your own credit to qualify to lease or purchase a car, as well as using your own money for the downpayment just to get it. The challenge with this model is that many people can never even get the car they qualified for because they either don’t have the credit or they don’t have the money for the downpayment. Even worse, the ones who are able to get the car often get stuck having to make the payments out of their own pocket if they lose their qualification for a month or two.

When you qualify for the Skinny Body Care Bentley Club by helping 3 people in separate legs of your organization achieve the rank of Royal Crown Diamond, we will buy you a brand new Bentley that is yours to keep FOREVER, even if you were to lose your qualification...we’ll even pay the taxes for you!

Mind you, Bentley Club is only 1 out of the overall 8 comprehensive pay plans from Skinny Body Care! Check out their site to find out more details.


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