Saturday, 17 December 2011

SPECIAL: Just Been Paid!

In the current internet age, there are countless people making money online around the clock, as the internet is a platform/marketplace that never sleep. The truth is, it is no longer a myth to be able to earn money online. If you are still skeptical on making money online, I guess you might not be interested in what I am going to share next. However, if you are open for online exploration, read on...

As I've shared before, there are many ways to earn money online, the most common avenue which requires a little bit more time is through providing online services (like article writing, completion of micro-jobs etc...) or promoting another person/company's product or services through advertising or affiliate program, just to name a few.

Today, I am going to share an out-of-the-box type of Cycler or Feeder Program* called Just Been Paid. It is taking the online space by storm recently i.e. hundreds of new members joining the program on daily basis. Basically, how it works is to buy the positions online ($10 per position, multiple purchases allowed) and you will be getting back 2% daily, up to 75 days. And that's it!

In short, it means that a $10 investment will have a total return of $15 at the end of 75 days. There is no product/service to be sold or downline to be be built. I've done some research on the internet about this program, I must say that I've seen a lot of payment proof out of this program and many long term internet marketers are joining the force too. 

I personally view that the key selling point of this program is it's instant gratification of daily earning (even though it's a mere 2%) that you are expected to see automatically credited into your account. It creates such an huge positive psychological effect that you are actually "earning" money on daily basis. You can withdraw the earning or re-invest it to buy more positions for the compounding effect. 

If you are looking for easier way to earn money online and do not intent to spend considerable time/effort online, you can check out this program and see whether this program suit your investment appetite. 


Cycler/Feeder Program* is deemed as an investment program with considerable risk (as in with any other investment). Thus, do explore the program with caution and know your investment capability/limit!

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