Friday, 26 October 2012

SEO And Its Most Important Buddy – Content [Infographic]

content for seo
When come to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content is its most important buddy, this is especially prominent when the Search Giant, Google, implemented its latest Search Algorithm (Panda). Thus, there are more and more marketers (online or offline) are incorporating content marketing as part of their SEO strategy. To me, this is a fair game plan, as a user who search online almost everyday, what we expect the least is the search result with quality and relevant content.
On top of content, the other key element in SEO is social media. Yes, you hear me right, that’s where the phrase ” Social is SEO and Content is Social” come about. If you have not already know, the search giants (i.e. Google and Bing) already (or have plan to) integrate the Social sharing as part of their search ranking i.e.
“Bing uses Facebook Likes as ranking signal for logged-in users”
“Google is working on using Google +1 as a ranking signal”
“Tweets help Google index faster”
In short, when we talk about SEO nowadays, we need to include Content and Social Media as a a total SEO solution! Brafton has generated an informative Infographic to explore how content made a difference in search engine visibility. Check out the Infographic, Why Content For SEO below:

Note: This article was first published in (Social Media Plus)

Friday, 12 October 2012

FREE Page Rank Checker

If you have any online presence in terms of website or blog, you will need to made yourself familiarised with the term Page Rank and its importance For the benefit of fellow newbies, Page Rank is actually a link analysis algorithm used by Google to assign a number or rank (from 1 to 10 whereby 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) to each hyperlinked web page. For those web page with Page Rank 0, it means the site has not been indexed by Google for various reasons.

Page Rank is one of the important indicator used by Google Search Engine in determining the relevancy and importance of a particular page against the searched keyword(s). Thus, it is critical to know and monitor your site/blog's Page Rank on regular basis. There are many web tool or Page Rank Checker (paid or free) available online. Today, I am going to recommend a FREE Page Rank Checker called Check Page Rank (Yup, you read it correctly, that's the name of the tool!).

Check Page Rank is a free tool that was developed by WireWalkersVA. With this tool, you can easily check any site's Page Rank in 2 clicks. On top of that, you can also choose to display the up-to-date Page Rank by embedding the Page Rank icon in your site. And this can be done simply by "cut and paste" the scripts into your site.

To give you a feel, this is how the site looks like, simple and elegant:

page rank checker

With this FREE Page Rank Checker, checking Page Rank can never be easier! So, give it a try and let me have your review in the comment section.


Friday, 5 October 2012

Facebook's Top 10 Asian Countries

Yesterday, it has been officially announced by CEO and co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg that Facebook user base has finally crossed the 1 billion mark. Anyway, it is just a matter of time and the time is NOW.

Also, in a separate earlier report from, Asia is the largest Continent with 256 millions users. Today, I am going to share a slide that I've prepared recently on the Facebook's Top 10 Asian Countries. Check out the slide below (if your browser is not able to view this embedded slideshow, click on the link below the slide to view it in slideshare):

Special Note: You will notice that China is nowhere in the list, it is for the simple reason that Facebook is still officially banned in China!