Friday, 26 October 2012

SEO And Its Most Important Buddy – Content [Infographic]

content for seo
When come to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content is its most important buddy, this is especially prominent when the Search Giant, Google, implemented its latest Search Algorithm (Panda). Thus, there are more and more marketers (online or offline) are incorporating content marketing as part of their SEO strategy. To me, this is a fair game plan, as a user who search online almost everyday, what we expect the least is the search result with quality and relevant content.
On top of content, the other key element in SEO is social media. Yes, you hear me right, that’s where the phrase ” Social is SEO and Content is Social” come about. If you have not already know, the search giants (i.e. Google and Bing) already (or have plan to) integrate the Social sharing as part of their search ranking i.e.
“Bing uses Facebook Likes as ranking signal for logged-in users”
“Google is working on using Google +1 as a ranking signal”
“Tweets help Google index faster”
In short, when we talk about SEO nowadays, we need to include Content and Social Media as a a total SEO solution! Brafton has generated an informative Infographic to explore how content made a difference in search engine visibility. Check out the Infographic, Why Content For SEO below:

Note: This article was first published in (Social Media Plus)


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