Monday, 24 October 2011

CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Programs : The Way To Go!

For the past few months, I've created a few blogs (including this one) to test the different Internet Marketing networks/programs in order to establish the best avenue/ways to earn money online. My findings is that CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Program is one of the best way to earn money online!

CPA affiliate program is an online advertising model in which payment is based solely on qualifying action such as leads, sales, online registration etc through your site/blog. There are many different variation of CPA programs e.g. CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPV (Cost Per View), CPL (Cost Per Load) or even CPC (Cost Per Call). Among the different types of CPA programs, I find that CPL (Cost Per Lead) for free software/registration/subscription is one of the most lucrative program (at least to me).

There are many affiliate networks or private programs in the market. Before you can start the CPA Affiliate marketing, you need to register/join the network(s) as a publisher or affiliate first. There is no restriction on the number of affiliate programs you can register but usually the network take 1 to 3 working days to review and accept your application.

Just to list a few, following are some of the popular and established affiliate program(s)/network(s) that you should explore further:

1. Commission Junction   - An established affiliate network with hundreds of ready advertisers
2. Linkshare  - An established affiliate network with hundreds of ready advertisers
3. PublisherRev - An established affiliate network with hundreds of ready advertisers
4. Adscend Media  - An established affiliate network with hundreds of ready advertisers
5. RevResponse - A private affiliate program that earn you commission just by sharing the FREE content (free trade magazines/ebooks etc...)

Regardless of your niche market, I am sure you can find some suitable programs from the abovementioned networks.


Thursday, 13 October 2011

SPECIAL : Social Media Advertising Networks from Asia

If you are an internet marketer from Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong etc..I am pretty sure many of you are also very much involved in the Social Media sharing like facebook, twitter, blog and more recently, Google +.

Do you know that you can earn some residual income just by sharing messages via your social media networks? There are a few established Social Media Advertising networks that allow you to do just that.

Following are two established networks that i am recommending:

1. ChurpChurp: 
a. Applicable to: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong
b. Channel of social sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, MSN and many others.
c. Click on the image below to learn more of the network:

a. Applicable to: Malaysia only
b. Channel of social sharing: Facebook
c. Click on the image below to learn more of the network:

All the best in your social sharing.


P/S: On the related topic, recently I've chanced upon a new online shopping site (from Singapore) whereby there are regular discounts/offers from everything under the sun. Click on the image below to find out more:

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

SPECIAL : Entrepreneurial Community - New School Tie

Affiliate Marketing is one of the lucrative avenue in Internet Marketing. In the Affiliate Marketing model, you have the advertisers/merchants (the business owners who provide the services/products) and the publishers/affiliates (anybody who are promoting the services/products of the advertisers and earning commission out of it) working together to promote/advertise the relevant services/products.

There are many established platform/networks like Commission Junction, Linkshare acted as a "middle-man" in linking the advertisers and the publishers. Of course, Every such network has their pros and cons and T&Cs that the advertisers/publishers need to adhere to.

Recently, I've chanced upon a brand new community/portal that aimed to link the merchants/advertisers and publishers/agents together with much more freedom of choice. Besides, it works well for both online as well as the physical/offline programs/projects.

For more details, check out their beta site at New School Tie