IM Basics

"Internet Marketing"(IM) has been around for quite sometime, with it's limitless potential and very low (or even zero) cost to start, it is never too late to be part of this lucrative and auto-pilot venture!

If you are an individual owning (or planning to own) a website or blog and have no idea how to proceed from here to "monetise"your website(s), this is the page for you to explore how you can explore the IM craze and at the same time create an opportunity for earn a passive stream of income. The best part is that Internet Marketing can be easily blend with your hobby or thing that you like to do.

Simply put, Internet Marketing is the act of marketing/promoting/advertising the products or services (either your own or third party) over the Internet. Through this process, you will earn "commission" or "fee" for this marketing/advertising effort. So, "monetising" your website/blog is in a way creating an Internet Marketing platform on your website/blog.

This page contains general information/links that will help you get started.

First, let me share with your folks 4 SIMPLE steps of "monetising" your website:

Step 1: Create a website/blog (if you already have one, can skip this step)
Step 2: Join the Advertising/Affiliate Programs (Most registration are FREE!)
Step 3: Incorporate the Advertising/Affiliate link codes to your website/blog
Step 4: Driving traffics/visitors to your website/blog


STEP 1 : Creating a Website/Blog

If you've already owned a website or Blog, you may skip this step! However, for the newbie who are not familiar in creating or hosting your own website, Blogging is the fastest way to get you ONLINE (in fact, it's immediate).

There are many free blogging tools online that you can register and use it immediately (mostly Free). A few of the most popular Blogging Tools are (click on the logo to access):


Having said that, before you start any blogging, do some homework on the theme that you are interested on i.e. what are you going to blog about mainly? This is to ensure that you identify your own niche/audience earlier which will helps in your strategy in generating traffics subsequently!

If you are not interested in manning your own website/blog, you can get quick online presence via the following popular and fun self-publishing platforms which has incorporated the "monetization" element i.e. once your page (article) is published, you are deemed ready to invite traffics to your pages and start earning the commission/fees. [click on the logo to start the registration absolutely FREE!]:



STEP 2 : Join Advertising/Affiliates Programs

There are 2 main approach that you can "monetise" your website:

a. Advertise other people's product/service through well established on-line vendor (Affiliate Programs).

Such method usually requires the visitors to fulfill certain action like purchase of the product/service or complete the membership registration etc...

Following are a few prominent vendors worth exploring (click on the picture to access their websites):

- LinkShare (a leading provider of full-service online marketing solutions specializing in the areas of Affiliate Marketing, Search Marketing, and Lead Generation):

- Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka, is a full-service on-line advertising network serving over 3 billion monthly impressions across more than 100,000 websites):
Get Chitika | Premium

- Commission Junction (A global leader in the online advertising channel of Affiliate Marketing):

For more Affiliating resources, please refer to "Affiliating" Page!

b. Advertise through Contextual Advertising.

For such method, the revenue will be earned upon visitors click through the links successfully (usually called "Pay Per Click").

Following are a few prominent vendors worth exploring (click on the picture to access their websites):

- Infolinks (Join thousands of websites enjoying record high conversion rates and the industry’s highest revenue share with Infolinks In-Text Advertising.):

- Kotera (Kontera serves over 15,000 quality publishers every day with superior relevancy and an exclusive ad inventory that can not be beaten):

 - Googe Adsense (Offers a contextual advertising solution to web publishers. Delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to website content pages):
For more Advertising resources, please refer to "Advertising" Page!

You are encouraged to use both methods and as many/few vendors/affiliate programs as deemed fit in your website/blog!

To understand more of the respective vendor or Affiliate Programs' revenue model, please click on the above mentioned link(s) to explore further!

By the way, once you've successfully registered yourself (do note that some vendors will review your website/blog before approving your registration), you are deemed a "Publisher" or "Associate" to the vendor!

Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing and you are almost there...


STEP 3 : Incorporate the Advertising/Affiliate links to your website/blog

Usually this is a simple 1 to 2 minutes step of copying and pasting the HTML codes to your website/blog. Some vendors (like Infolinks and Kontera) provide a one-click button to seamlessly integrate the codes with your blog via Blogger, WordPress etc..

For details, please refer to the corresponding Codes Integration guide provided by the selected vendor (rest assured that it is really a 1 to 2 minutes work)!

CONGRATULATIONS! Your website/blog is deemed "monetised" from now on and the next thing is to look into means to drive the visitors to your website(s)!


STEP 4 : Driving traffics/visitors to your website 

You need traffics/visitors to make this (Internet Marketing) works! Thus, the next crucial activities are for you to "promote" your website/blog to the world! For beginners, following low or zero cost approach are recommended:

a. Posting on Forums (as many as possible) -- you can easily Google the Forums related to your Niche market and get going from there.
b. Post on the the Social Networks website (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc...)
c. Word Of Mouth (recommending your friends/colleagues to your website/blog)

In order to attract regular/returned visitors, please ensure to update your website/blog regularly (at least 3 posts a week for a blog)! So, it does mean that you need to find a niche that you are passionate to write regularly!

That's not all, you need to spend sometime in fine tuning the keywords and creating backlinks to increase the visibility and search-ability of your website/blog. That's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in action.

Rights! That's all for the Basics, to proceed from here, please go to the respective page(s) of your interest to explore further.