IM Glossary

All jargons related to IM (Internet Marketing) will be explained here in plain English. This is especially useful for the IM newbies.

As new terms are being introduced every now and then, this page will be updated regularly to keep-up with the new development in IM (Internet Marketing) world.

Feel me to send me an email @ if you found any new IM term or jargon that missing from this glossary.

AdSense : A small, text-base online advertising service. Can be incorporated and displayed on your website or blog. The site owner receive a fee each time a visitor clicks on the ad,

Advertiser : The company or person selling the goods or services. Also known as merchant. This company or person affiliate with you by sending traffic to your site after a product or service is purchased.

Affiliate : A website/blog owner that earns commission for referring "clicks", "leads"or sales to a merchant. Also known as "publisher".

Affiliate Marketing : Where one website/blog is used to drive traffic to another to build a clientele.

Autoresponder : A program that sends an automatic response through emails.

Banner : A graphical display ad that can be displayed on a website o blog . Banners a usually created in different standard sizes.

Blogger : A writer or creator of a blog.

Blogging : The act of writing and publishing a blog

Click through : The act of clicking on a link and following through to the merchant's website.

Click Through Rate (CTR) : Defined as the "number of clicks on ads" divided by the "number of times the ads was delivered" (impression)

Conversion rate : Percentage of clicks that respond to an ad displayed on a website/blog, compared to total visits to the site.

Cost Per Action (CPA) : Online advertising model in which payment is based solely on qualifying action such as sales, online registration etc.

Cost Per Click (CPC) : Online advertising model in which payment is based on clicks, the cost or cos-equivalent paid per click through.


Earning Per Click (EPC) : Average earning per100 licks. A relative rating that describes the ability to turn clicks into commissions.



Hit :  A hit is achieved when a visitor accessed a page.

Internet Marketing (IM) : Also known as "Online Marketing" or "Digital Marketing". Basically refers to the promotion of the product/services over internet.




Merchant : see Advertiser

Niche Market : In blog sense :A narrowly defined group of people that me up a blog's target market. It can bed defined by age, income, occupation, height, weight, religion etc...

PageRank :  Every web page on the internet is assigned with a PageRank (from 0 to 10). The higher the PageRank, the more relevant Google considers the page to be and the better its chance of showing up on the top of the search results.

Page View (PV) : Also known as Pge Impression is a request to load a single 'page' of an Internet site.

Pay Per Sale (PPS) : An affiliate marketing program that rewards affiliates based on conversion to a sale. It usually offer highest commission but tend to have the lowest conversion rates.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) : An affiliate marketing program that rewards affiliates for conversion to leads e.g. a sign up from, a download, a survey etc.. It usually offer mid-range commission and mid-range to high conversion rates.

Pay Per Click (PPC) : An affiliate marketing program that rewards affiliates for each unique click to the advertiser's website.

Performance-based Marketing : Marketing in which the advertiser only pays commissions for result such as conversions to sales or leads.

Publisher : see Affiliate



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) : Also known as Keyword Advertising. It uses short-text-only ads that are keyword-based and display when a potential customer enters a specific search phrase on a search engine.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : The process of choosing targeted keyword phrases related to a site to ensure that the site places well when those keyword phrases are part of a web search, the ultimate aim is to improve the ranking/positioning with a search engine like Google, Yahoo etc...

Tag : One or more keywords or phrases created by a blogger/post to help categorize each blog entry/post for easy searching of content by web surfers and Internet search engine.
Traffic : The number of visitors who visit your website/blog.

URL (Uniform Resource Location) : The address of a website/blog.


Webhosting Service : An internet hosting service that allows individuals and companies to make their website accessible via the web. Webhosts are companies that provide space on the server they own or lease for use by clients or for Internet connectivity.