IM Social Media

Socia Media is a powerful force that CANNOT be avoided in any marketing effort, including Internet Marketing. In fact, Social Media play a very critical role in ensuring the success of your internet marketing venture. The best part is that most of the Social Medias are FREE (or at very low cost) and they are here to stay!

Thus, do pay attention to the Social Media as they are important to help you in gaining /increasing the visitors/traffics to your website/blog.

By connecting and posting/commenting on the pages/communities/groups of Social Media that has similar niche as yours will increase the visibility of your website/blog to the liked minded individuals.

Registration is FREE, so do take this opportunity by creating an account/user id immediately (if you still do not have one now). Having said that, as there are too many social media websites out there, you should focus on a few social media websites that you deemed closer to your Niche.

Following are the popular Social Media websites.:

Facebook - The most popular Social Media website todate. With estimated 500 millions members todate.

Twitter - The most popular micro-blogging platform.

LinkedIn - A Social Media platform more for professional netowrking.

Youtube - A platform to share video clips.

digg - A platform to share interesting/unique website/page that you discovered (its called "digg it")

Stumbleupon - A similar platform like digg.

reddit - A less formal platform of sharing any website/page on the go.

Myspace - A platform to share the favourite music, movies, tv and celebrity.

Flickr - A platform to share photos (from Yahoo!).

Delicious - A social bookmarking web services for storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks.

Socialize-it - A one stop bookmarking service.

friendster - A social gaming destination of choice.

Path - A more personalised mobile social media app which allow you to link up with maximum 150 closed friends and family members. (NEW - added in Jan 2012)

Pinterest - A photo/video sharing platform which allow you to create multiple online pin boards to collate your interested pins. (NEW - added in Jan 2012)