Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cloud Computing - The Best Friend Of Internet Marketers!

I am revisiting the cloud computing services here once again (refer to my earlier post on similar subject at : Cloud Computing Services For IM). Ever since Apple announced it's forthcoming launch of iCloud, there are more and more cloud computing services spawning all over the web. The best part is that most of the services come with a FREE membership.

So, why is cloud computing getting more popular nowadays and why I think it will get even hotter in the Internet Marketing arena? My view is because cloud computing provides the following:
1. Reach-ability : As nowadays most people are constantly on the move and the high penetration rate smartphones globally, synchronisation of application and files with the smartphones and mobile devices are critical for real-time delivery.   
2. Security : Most cloud computing service providers maintain a highly secured infrastructure.
3. Reliability : Cloud Computing is deemed reliable.
4. Scalability : Cloud computing is fully scalable.

So, how can the Internet Marketers take advantage of the cloud computing services in their IM venture? Today I am going to introduce 2 relevant cloud computing services that you can get started immediately FREE.

Email service provider that making use of cloud computing infrastructure to deliver their services. It is FREE if you are sending 200 emails or lesser per day. It looks promising! For IM newbies, this can be your free list auto responders. Click on the image below to explore further: 

Cloud Experience:
An iCloud equivalent but with much more as it is not restricted to iphone or ipad. Again, registration is FREE and you are entitled to 10 GB online storage upon registration. Click on the image below to explore further:
Free Backup at

Sky is the limit! Hope you folks enjoy the FREE services!


Monday, 22 August 2011

How To Earn Money Online Without Your Own Site/Blog/Product?

When most people talk about Internet Marketing, you will assume that you need to have your own site, blog or at least your own product to sell. So, does it means that you can't earn any money without any of these? The answer is "NO"!

Of course, it is a huge advantage if you have any of the above or all the above. However, please do take note that any of this doesn't guarantee your success in your Internet Marketing venture. For newbies whom do not have any of the above, fret not, there is still potential for you to earn residual income just by participating in the relevant online activities.

I am going to share a few methods that you can get involved and start to earn money online NOW. Broadly, I've classified them into 2 categories:

1. Offer Your Services Online:
Everyone of us are unique and have something to offer. As you are reading this blog, I am sure you have something to offer online that others are willing to pay for your services. Typical services that you can offer are article writing, programming (especially web design, mobile apps development etc), online research, logo or banner design etc...

Ok, assuming you have something to offer, what's the next step? Very simple, there are many free platform whereby you can register freely and submit your services online and viola, your offer is ONLINE within minutes. Just to quote some example, following are some legit platform/sites that enable you to do just that:

a. Fiverr : A very popular platform that you can put-up any service (or gig) that you can imagine under the sun for 5 bucks. If you browse through the gigs list, you will notice that there are a few gigs which are quite out of this world or just plain "silly yet interesting"!

b. oDesk : A very established platform for freelancers. You can search through a wide range of job categories, from article writing to translation to web research etc...on offer. 

c. vWorkers : Another self-service platform for employer to place simple online jobs like data entry, article writings etc and for freelancers to search for many categories of jobs available. It works like a bidding system whereby many workers bid for a particular job and the most suitable worker get the job.

2. Offer Your Time Online:
If after much reflection, you really can't find any services that you can offer online but time is on your hand, you can still earn some residual income just by offering your time through micro-jobs platforms. Most micro-jobs can be completed within a few minutes.

Some of the legit sites/platforms are:

a. Microworkers: A popular site that offer micro-jobs from other members. Example of the job ranging from completing a simple sign-up, liking a facebook fan page, retweet etc. If you like to understand more of this site and how does it work, please click on the following to to download the FREE guide:

FREE eGuide For MicroWorkers

b. Hits4Pay : This is a site to pay you for reading emails (advertisements from advertisers). You will earn roughly 2 cents for each email read. If you register now, you will get USD10 bonus in your account.

I know you still have at least one more question i.e. as to how do you will get paid from the web? With the advancement of online payment processing vendor like PayPal, AlertPay and MoneyBookers etc... receiving money would never be easier. For more details regarding the fee comparison of these online payment processing vendors, please read my earlier post HERE!


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Google Acquired Motorola for USD12.5b

The hottest business news today (15/08/2011) probably goes to the acquisition of Motorola by the search engine giant, Google. With this drastic move, it means that Google now owned the biggest manufacturer of their mobile operating system, Android. It also means that there would be more synergy of mobile marketing in the making! 

Larry Page, CEO of Google, is optimistic this will benefit everyone. He writes on its corporate blog that "together, we will create amazing user experiences that supercharge the entire Android ecosystem for the benefit of consumers, partners and developers everywhere." 

I personally view that it is a positive news for the internet marketing community as a whole. At the minimum, it means that mobile marketing has great potential ahead of us and Google is capable of creating a limitless synergy between their full suite of products (Google+, Adsense, Adwords, Blogger etc...) within the smartphones. 

Of course, the success of this major move is yet to be seen but since it is deemed as the biggest deal Google has ever made, I would expect Google to make it happen in a huge way. After Google+, this is the next-next big thing in the mobile scene. 

As it is, Google is already everywhere in the internet scene. In the near future, Google will be everywhere in the mobile world as well! Watch-out Apple!


P/S: Looking for up-to-date news on the go (like the Google news above)? Check out the latest consolidated online news portal, ONGO (from popular newspapers like USAToday, Financial Times, New York Times etc...)! Register for the free trial (no credit card required) and view it for yourself in your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet! Click on the image below to explore further:

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Traffics! Traffics! Traffics!

When we talk about Internet Marketing, especially in the area of Affiliate Marketing or Advertising Marketing, traffics to your site/blog is the live blood of the whole ball game. Without traffics = without success! Thus, it is important to spend some time to identify your strategies to draw traffics to your site/blog.

On the high level, there are only 2 ways to gain traffics i.e. Paid Traffics or Free Traffics. Of course, if you have some money to spend, you can use Paid Traffics networks like Google's Adwords, Facebook's Ads or any other PPC (Paid-Per-Click) advertising networks. It would definitely be more targeted but costly (from newbie perspective).

As my blog is targeted at IM newbie and I assumed that most newbie would try to avoid such cost before earning any real money online, I am going to share 5 of my top choices of FREE traffics exchange or list builder networks (Click on the image(s) to register or learn more):

Trafficswarm: A very addictive traffic exchange site whereby you gain traffics by clicking on others' ads. In short, for every ad that you clicked, you will earn an impression back to your ad/site/blog. For FREE member, you can register for up to 10 ads/sites/blogs

EasyHits4U: Another similar traffics exchange site but with options of 2:1 (clicked 2 ads and gain 1 impression back) or 1:1 (one to one exchange) traffic exchange!
Traffic Exchange with 160,000+ members

A-State-Of-The-Art-Mailer-System: This is an innovative list builder site whereby you are tapping on the network's existing list to promote your site/blog/affiliate program via emails. It's a very effective way to promote your affiliate program when you do not have an existing list. The other very unique feature is it's Profit Sharing scheme whereby the eligible members are entitled to share the profits. You will definitely love this feature!
Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer! 

List Bonus: Another list builder site that generates traffics via emails.

ListSurfing: Yet another list builder site to generate traffics via emails.
List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

Even though all the above networks do provide paid membership but you are free to stay as FREE member for as long as you like. Also, to multiply your traffics streams, you are encourage to register for more than one sites!

Enjoy your guaranteed FREE traffics to your site/blog with the networks!


P/S: If you are looking for FREE cloud computing services that provide up to 10 GB of FREE online storage, do check out Cloud Experience!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Online Payment Processing Providers : Paypal vs AlertPay vs Moneybookers

For internet marketers, online payment is one of the critical part of your overall venture, regardless of whether you are into affiliate marketing, online business or just monetizing through blogging/site. Many of the affiliate/advertising networks pay your "life blood" (read as MONEY) through online payment provider like Paypal etc.

Of course, at times you have no choice but to use the designated online payment provider from the network. However, if you have a choice, I am sure you will find one that meet the following minimum criteria:
1. Secured network.
2. Fast turnaround time.
3. Cost effective (lower fees).

For internet marketers, cost containment is one of the key aspect towards the success of your IM venture. Thus, today I am going to focus on comparing the various fees involved in the 3 popular online payment processing providers i.e. Paypal, AlertPay and Moneybookers (click on the names to access their official site)

For easier comparison, I've since generated a ONE-PAGE summary sheet for a bird's eye view of the fees involved in each of these providers (click on the image to enlarge):

Online Payment Processing Providers Summary Sheet
As registration is FREE for all these providers, if you have not registered your account, you are encouraged to register for one. Of course, you can register with all the above-mentioned providers and decide which provider to be your main money transaction provider.

Hope that this is of help to you folks.


P/S: Heard of Cloud Computing or the forthcoming iCloud service from Apple? Wait no further, you can enjoy the FREE Cloud Computing from Cloud Experience for up to 10 GB. Register NOW for the free account!