Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cloud Computing - The Best Friend Of Internet Marketers!

I am revisiting the cloud computing services here once again (refer to my earlier post on similar subject at : Cloud Computing Services For IM). Ever since Apple announced it's forthcoming launch of iCloud, there are more and more cloud computing services spawning all over the web. The best part is that most of the services come with a FREE membership.

So, why is cloud computing getting more popular nowadays and why I think it will get even hotter in the Internet Marketing arena? My view is because cloud computing provides the following:
1. Reach-ability : As nowadays most people are constantly on the move and the high penetration rate smartphones globally, synchronisation of application and files with the smartphones and mobile devices are critical for real-time delivery.   
2. Security : Most cloud computing service providers maintain a highly secured infrastructure.
3. Reliability : Cloud Computing is deemed reliable.
4. Scalability : Cloud computing is fully scalable.

So, how can the Internet Marketers take advantage of the cloud computing services in their IM venture? Today I am going to introduce 2 relevant cloud computing services that you can get started immediately FREE.

Email service provider that making use of cloud computing infrastructure to deliver their services. It is FREE if you are sending 200 emails or lesser per day. It looks promising! For IM newbies, this can be your free list auto responders. Click on the image below to explore further: 

Cloud Experience:
An iCloud equivalent but with much more as it is not restricted to iphone or ipad. Again, registration is FREE and you are entitled to 10 GB online storage upon registration. Click on the image below to explore further:
Free Backup at

Sky is the limit! Hope you folks enjoy the FREE services!


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