Monday, 1 August 2011

Online Payment Processing Providers : Paypal vs AlertPay vs Moneybookers

For internet marketers, online payment is one of the critical part of your overall venture, regardless of whether you are into affiliate marketing, online business or just monetizing through blogging/site. Many of the affiliate/advertising networks pay your "life blood" (read as MONEY) through online payment provider like Paypal etc.

Of course, at times you have no choice but to use the designated online payment provider from the network. However, if you have a choice, I am sure you will find one that meet the following minimum criteria:
1. Secured network.
2. Fast turnaround time.
3. Cost effective (lower fees).

For internet marketers, cost containment is one of the key aspect towards the success of your IM venture. Thus, today I am going to focus on comparing the various fees involved in the 3 popular online payment processing providers i.e. Paypal, AlertPay and Moneybookers (click on the names to access their official site)

For easier comparison, I've since generated a ONE-PAGE summary sheet for a bird's eye view of the fees involved in each of these providers (click on the image to enlarge):

Online Payment Processing Providers Summary Sheet
As registration is FREE for all these providers, if you have not registered your account, you are encouraged to register for one. Of course, you can register with all the above-mentioned providers and decide which provider to be your main money transaction provider.

Hope that this is of help to you folks.


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