Wednesday, 14 November 2012

SeeVolution - A Great Heat Map And Real-Time Analytics Tool

If you are a website or blog owner, naturally, your first focus would be attracting as much traffics to your site as possible. As the saying goes, traffics = money in the online space. 

This is perfectly right. However, if your traffics doesn't convert into clicks or action that you want your visitors to take (e.g. subscription to your newsletter, buying your services/products or "likes" your Facebook Fan Page etc...), all the traffics will just remain TRAFFICS i.e. they would not be converted into anything tangible (which is your ROI).

Thus, besides focusing on attracting the traffics, it is equally important to find ways to increase the clicks or conversion rates. It is important to analyse and understand where are the visitors' viewing focus when they visited your site? This is where the heatmap comes into picture. We need a tool that enable us to monitor the real-time heatmaps of your site and strategically place your actionable button(s) at the best possible position so as to increase the clicks/conversion rate.

Recently, I've chanced upon a great heatmap and real-time analytics tool called SeeVolution. The very unique feature that I liked about this tool is it enables you to overlay the heatmap(s) on your site. In short, you can view the heatmap(s) in real time with just a click of a button. 

Besides, there are three different types of heatmaps you can used for the real-time analysis i.e.:
Click Heatmap
Mouse Move Heatmap and
Scroll Heatmap
Not only that, the ready plugins allow you to integrate the tool with your CMS platform (e.g.  WordPress, Magento and Drupal) seamlessly! Go ahead, do by this marvellous real-time analytics tool, try it for free and evaluate for yourself on its worth.


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  1. Nice and informative article. I recently started learning about the various tools which are used for analyzing a website. A heat map is a great tool that provides information about the part of website which is visited the most.
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