Thursday, 15 December 2011

SPECIAL: Legal Track - Case Matter Management Software

In Internet Marketing world, we often need to deal with legal terms or jargon that we are not comfortable with. For example, when we are signing-up those advertising or affiliate networks, there are pages and pages of Terms and Conditions that the networks expected us to go through and agree upon.

Not to worry, I am not going to share any legal jargon or technical stuff here! What I am going to share is the software/tool that I chanced upon recently which is useful for legal sector! It's a matter management software called Legal Track. it is a full fledged case management software that is targeted at Legal Firms, Universities, Government, Insurance and any organization that require maintaining and tracking detailed customer related issues and files. 

What makes this software a beauty is it's seamless integration with productivity softwares like MS Words, Excel and Outlook. Also, it's comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features as well as the mobile integration capability makes it even harder to resist. For the full list of it's key features, please refer to feature of case management software.

Hope you folks like my sharing.


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