Monday, 19 December 2011

Residual Income For Everyone!

Nowadays, regardless of what profession you are in, we need to explore multiple sources/streams of income so as to built up our nest egg to ensure that we are having a comfortable living condition. Ever since the invention of the web, creating extra sources of residual income online is no longer a difficult task that can be assumed by selected few.

Unlike earning residual income by investing in share, gold or forex etc, which usually require a size-able capital, earning residual income online is usually free except some minimal investment if you are building and promoting your own site/blog (i.e. the cost for buying the Domain name, hosting and online advertising etc...). Many a time, as long as you know the relevant knowledge and skills, you can earn the online money with little or no investment at all. As the saying goes, Knowledge is king, in the online space, knowledge is your currency! ;-) 

One of the easiest way to get involved in the online earning bandwagon is through affiliate marketing i.e. earning commission by promoting other people's products/services. Be creative with all the free online channels that made available to you like all the social media sites, forums, blogs and email blasting etc...Your creativity will be your earning power!

Just to recap, following are two of such programs/networks (from healthcare niche) with huge residual income potential:

1. Skinny Body Care (Health niche)
2. Body By Vi Challenge (Health niche)

One more thing to highlight. As far as online earning is concern, there is no limit on how far you can go as the platform is marketed globally, 24x7. It's totally up to YOU!



  1. Fantastic review on residual income.

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