Thursday, 22 December 2011

5 Lesser Known Social Media Sites That Might Make It Big!

Participating in Social Media or Social Networking sites should be a key element of your overall internet marketing plan, regardless of the size of your venture. With the recent global craze of smartphones/tablets adoption, the social media has already went one step further to become a "real time" social connection (i.e. the consumer is expecting super-fast response of their feedback/questions posted on the social media).

Of course, when come to social media, the giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn are the mainstream players (which are the must have for all internet marketers). Today, I am going to share 5 of the lesser known "new" kids on the block which some of them have potential to make it big, some day (you have been warned!):   

1. Spling - Works something like StumbleUpon for user to share the interesting sites/blogs/medias. Following is the extract from the Spling official site :

"Spling is a social platform focusing on content discovery and media sharing. Our goal is to make sharing and discovering cool and relevant links as easy as possible. We allow users to share any link with anyone in the single click of a button, while creating a repository where they can store and sort their favourite links. Users can share with friends, groups, or the community at large. Simultaneously, we allow the users to explore and consume Internet content filtered through their friends, families, and communities—the people they trust and care about—thus ensuring a guaranteed quality of content."

2. Unthink - A new social media platform that trying to achieve what facebook is doing, but with a tinge of unconventional tone! Following is the extract from the Unthink official site:

"UNTHINK is an all-in-one social media platform that enables you to connect with the world around you and collaborate with others to bring the change you want to see in the world.
It is a Community with a Shared Way of Thinking.
Our mission is to emancipate social media and unleash people’s extraordinary potential. Our -not so covert- mission is to spark a revolution that will change the world."

3. Folkd - Another platform work something like StumbleUpon i.e. for social bookmarking/searching the interesting sites/blogs. Following is the extract from the Folkd site:

"Using social bookmarks with will enrich your web-surfing experience. We provide a simple website and easy to use browser buttons which allow you to:
- Save your favourite links and bookmarks online and access them from anywhere at any time.
- Press our "star"-button to vote up the best links on the web with just one click.
- Search the most popular links and discover cool sites your friends liked.
- Easily recommend the best sites to your friends via email, facebook or twitter.
- Connect to interesting users to follow their latest links.
- Search and organise your collection by tags and keep private things private!"

4. BuzzFeed - Another platform work something like StumbleUpon but with more sleek and bold user interface, it will definitely be more appealing to younger generation. Following is the extract from the BuzzFeed official site:

"BuzzFeed Tracks the Web’s Obsessions in Real Time

We feature the kind of things you’d want to pass along to your friends: an outrageous video that’s about to go viral, an obscure subculture breaking into the mainstream, a juicy bit of gossip that everyone at the office will be talking about tomorrow, or an ordinary guy having his glorious 15-minutes of fame. And when you read BuzzFeed, you’ll always know the movies, music, and products that are on the rise and worth your time."

5. Quora - Quora is a platform for learning and sharing whereby you can post a question or answering question posted by another members. Following is the extract from the Quora official site: 

"Quora connects you to everything you want to know about. Quora aims to be the easiest place to write new content and share content from the web. We organise people and their interests so you can find, collect and share the information most valuable to you.
When you want to know more about something, Quora delivers you answers and content from people who share your interests and people who have first-hand knowledge -- like real doctors, economists, screenwriters, police officers, and military veterans. On Quora, it's easy to create a personalized homepage of everything you want to know about by following topics, questions, people and boards."

I am not implying that we need to get involved in all the above but it is important for internet marketers to be aware of what is happening in the social media space. Failing which, we will not know what we are missing out!

Hope you like my sharing.



  1. Great list of social platforms i'll surely give them a try..........

  2. Hi Vimal,

    Thanks for your comment. I am sure there are many more others... keep watch-out for them and share it.