Saturday, 17 December 2011

SPECIAL: How famous are you in the online space?

For every individual or company who has online presence, would agree with me the importance of being "famous" in the online space. To put it simply, everyone would want to be the "Top xx" in your respective online presence. This is utmost critical or else your site/blog will be buried underneath millions of other blogs/websites.

In the online world (especially from the internet marketing perspective), traffics is the life blood of your existence. Without traffics, your blog/website is equivalent to non-existence. This explains why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important as everyone wanted to be found!

The good news is, in the online world, practically you can achieve anything as long as you have the right tool(s) and apply the right knowledge/skills (of course, occasionally some investment might be unavoidable). However, if time and knowledge is not in your hand, you can always resort to investing in the traffics generator to quantum leap your sites/blogs into the hall of fame!

That is exactly what the TopFamous100 is offering: buying your own fame in the online space. I must say that the solution provided by this site is one of the most original idea that I have came across. Basically, this site offers a platform for your to buy the advertisement slot (banner) for as long as $1. There are only a total of 100 slots available. Thus. as long as you are within the top 100s advertisers/buyers, your banner will be listed in the Famelist of TopFamous100 permanently. Of course, to move to the top, you need to buy the most "positions". The model is simple but the potential is tremendous for your to get famous and at the same time generate the traffics.  

If you are looking for avenue to boost your blog/website traffics and to be "famous" (in the famelist of the site), do check out this traffics generator site.


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