Wednesday, 7 December 2011

San Jose Jumper, Bounce House, Party Rental - Fantasy Jumperz

Once again, it is around the year end holiday season, a season for fun, sharing, gathering and laughing. Let's put behind all the Internet Marketing related work(s) for awhile and focus on how t have fun. As the saying goes, "All work no play makes Jack a dull boy"! So, I promise no IM (internet marketing) stuff in this post.

Talking about fun and laughing, I believe kids can understand their true meaning better than the adults. The other day, when I walked passed the park near my house (whereby some sort of carnival is taking place at that time), the first thing that caught my attention was the laughter from the kids. Next, the colourful bounce houses that were flooded with kids. I can sensed their happiness and nothingness in their head, except ENJOYMENT.

Talking about the bounce house and jumper, recently I chanced upon a site called Fantasy Jumperz, from San Jose whereby it offers Jumpers rental, bounce houses rental and many others for all kind of events or celebration (as long as kinds are involved). So, if you want to make the kids happy during this festive season, this could be one of the option you can consider. For more details, do check out their site at San Jose Jumper Rental.

Following are some model of the jumpers/bounce houses available:



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  1. Every little girl wants to be a princess. If your kid is one of those girls, it would be nice to give her a treat like moonwalks on her next birthday party.