Saturday, 28 September 2013

Content Marketing Is Here To Stay (Infographic)

content marketing
Most gurus will tell you this: "Content Is King" as for as internet marketing is concern and personally I am 100% agreeable with to it. Also, it will be forever true as long as we continue to consume media through the online channel especially internet. 

Of course, what would probably evolved is the format of the content as well as how we consume them. For example, with the ever increasing world-wide adoption of smartphone/tablets, more content will be customised to fit into the mobile devices like there (in the form of phone apps) for a better user experience. 

Thus, content marketing is here to stay. Having said that, for content marketing to work well, we need to ensure that the content is valuable, up-to-date and relevant to the targeted audience. As illustrated by the following infographic, content marketing starts with sufficient research followed by identification of the appropriate formats and finally choose the proper channels to release/promote them.         


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