Tuesday, 17 September 2013

175 million online shoppers by 2016 [Infographic]

online shoppersInternet Marketing is nothing new but it will be increasingly becoming more mainstream. The key reason is the eCommerce sites are springing up everywhere, from giant authority sites like Amazon, Rakuten to the smaller sites in the form of blog shops.
Actually, there is no surprise at all for the eCommerce boom, with the increased online security, ease of international payment method (e.g. Paypal) and mobile channels (i.e. mobile devices like mobile phots, tablets etc.), the only way is up for the eCommerce (especially the digital goods). With the booming eCommerce, internet marketing (in the forms of inbound marketing, social media marketing or pure online advertising etc...) is proportionately on the upwards trend too.

As per Arrow Payments, the US online shoppers alone is expected to grow from 137 millions (in 2010) to 175 millions (in 2016), which is more than 25% increase! So are you on the bandwagon yet?

Check out the following simple infographic (from Arrow Payments) for more details:


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