Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Why You can't afford To Ignore The Online Channel Now? (Infographic)

If you are in business (brick and mortar or online, big or small), I am sure you are aware by now that online channel is a necessity. Every day, millions of people making use of search engines to look for the products or services that they are interested in. Thus, it is definitely a channel that you can't afford to ignore.
Effectively, that explains why the needs of Internet Marketing (especially the Search Engines Marketing and Social Media Marketing) is on the rise. Of course, online is a very fluid and dynamic channel, changes usually come in fast and furious. Thus, it is important to have a constant look out for the online development. 
So, if your business is still has no online presence of any form, it is definitely time for you to review your marketing budget and place a fair bit of attention to the online channel as well. Need some quantitative figures on what happen in the online space? Check out the following informative infographic from Global Press Release: 


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