Thursday, 26 September 2013

Let's Go Back To Basic Of Blogging [Infographic]

blogging, blogToday I am feeling a bit nostalgic and thus like to share a bit of the history of BLOG. Of course, I will not dwell with too much historical details here but just wanted to share the answers to the following two basic questions:

1. When was the term BLOG being coined and by who?

2. How is the term BLOG formed?
First, the one that responsible for the term Blog is Jorn Barger. In December 1997, he first coined the term Weblog and the term Blog was derived from the combination of these 2 words (Web + Log), which is the answer to question number 2.

Courtesy of Blogskinny, they have generated a simple yet meaningful Infographic about the history of Blogging which answer the similar questions.

Now, enjoy the Infographic below:

Are you a blogger? If not, you may want to jump into the bandwagon as it is fun and profitable (to some) to be a blogger. ;-)


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