Thursday, 3 October 2013

Why Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Still Important? (Infographic)

search engine optimization
For those who tell you that internet marketing has switched its gear from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Social Media. The truth is, it is far from truth. In fact, both SEO and Social Media can complement each other to create a more powerful online presence.
To quote you two examples:
1. Do you know that the big G in the search engine (I am sure you know who) is receiving more than 1 billion searches each day?

2. There are about 36% of the small businesses paying for the publishing and analytics tools to enhance their SEO?
With the launch of its own Social Networking site, Google+, Google has integrated the Google Search with it seamlessly and doing pretty well in terms of consolidating results the with more social proof.  In fact, the other big player in Search Engines, Yahoo! is doing so too with the integration with Facebook and their site has gone much more than search alone!

Thus, it is not a zero-sum game, both SEO and Social Media still have an important role to play in the online space.      


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