Saturday, 28 January 2012

What's Happening To The Google's Latest Changes?

One of the website to be placed on high octane for very Internet Marketer is non other than With it's recent release (2011) of facebook equivalent social networking site (Google+), it's ambition is obvious i.e. trying to make the company/site as "sticky" as possible in the online world (as if it's still not sticky enough now! ;-))

Recently, there are quite a number of major changes being announced by Google, especially on the Search Engine algorithm changes which will affect how Google Search Engine populates the search result. This is the follow-up changes to the previous Panda revamp, which continue to focus on the theme: Quality is IN and Quantity is OUT!  Also, with the introduction and integration of Google+, the search results will be much more personalised (when you do the search after logging into your Google Account). 

If you are interested to know more about the changes, do check out the following blogposts detailing some high level summary of the latest changes:

On the same note, I am sharing the following FREE ebook detailing the 8 important Google Tools that all internet marketers should know in order to improve your marketing effectiveness (click on the image for instant download). 

The 8 tools covered in the eBook are:
  1. Google AdWords
  2. Google Docs
  3. Google Keyword Tool
  4. Google Alerts
  5. Google News
  6. Google Reader
  7. Google Places
  8. Google+
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  1. how does keyword and adword tool works...airkulet here

  2. Hi ChrisAir, Adword is actually an advertising platform by Google i.e. you pay to advertise via Adword. Keyword tool is important for online search advertisement as you would want to ensure that your ads are placed with appropriate keywords that the potential visitors will most likely to use. Thus, Keywords Tool is critical to do the research and analysis.

    Hope that the above clarifies. For further details, you may want to check out the Google's site.