Saturday, 7 January 2012

Site Trail - A Comprehensive Website Analysis Tool

One of the key tasks of professional bloggers or webmasters is to constantly review and analyse our site/blog's traffics patterns. For example, how many visitors have visited our site? Where are they coming from? How long they stayed in our site and which are the most used keyword(s) etc....? These are all the important knowledge in order for us to tap on it and improve further.

There are many Website Analysis Tools in the market (paid or free version). Recently, I've chanced upon a relatively new Website Analysis Tool called Site Trail. By far, this is one of the most comprehensive website analysis tool that I've came across. 

Let me explain why I said comprehensive. Most of the existing website analysers focus mainly of displaying the traffics patterns in various graphical forms, but Site Trail covers much more other important spectrum, to give you a better idea of what I am referring to, I've summarised the list of analysis provided by Site Trail below:

1. Social Media Analysis - This feature analyse the site's popularity in the social media space e.g. the number of Twitter followers, facebook likes, Delicious bookmarks and Youtube video etc...

2. SEO Analysis - This feature allows you to learn how well a site is optimised for popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3. Traffic/Visitors Analysis - This is the usual stuff in analysing the traffics patterns.

4. Content Analysis - This feature analyse the top keywords used and the average page size.

5. Revenue Analysis - This feature estimates the advertisement value of the site.  

6. Link Analysis - This feature find out who a site is linking to and how much “link juice” it passes to them.

7. Domain/Hosting Analysis - This is another usual stuff in identifying the Domain Name (WHOIS) and IP Address etc...

8. Server Analysis - This feature shows what software a site was built with, how fast it’s web pages load and the programming languages it uses.

9. Colour Analysis - This feature shows the top colours used on a site including respective hex codes and colour densities.

That's not all, there is a content curation feature called "News" whereby you can aggregate (or "trail") the sites of your interest with a click of button and you your aggregated news streams will be placed in your "My News" section.

Most importantly, this tool is absolutely FREE. Thus, if you are new to website analysis or are looking for new perspectives of website analysis, do check out this interesting Website Analysis Tool.


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  1. Great to know about such tool which provide tremendous amount of information.But i think the value of the analytics comes from the action you take on that data. So, unless you are going to take actions in real time you really don’t need real-time analytics.