Thursday, 26 May 2011

Twiends : Great Tool to increase your Social Media friends/followers

In Internet Marketing (IM), one of the most critical element that determines the success of your venture is targeted traffics. There are many ways (paid or free) to attract target traffics, of course, one of the effective way that comes to your mind is through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc...

However, in order to gain any success via the Social Media avenue, you need to have enough friends/fans/followers (whatever you called it). Recently, I chanced upon a marvellous tool called Twiends (don't be mislead by the name and it's logo, it's not only for twitter!) which will drastically increase your followers into multi-folds.

First, this tool it FREE to join. Secondly, this tool is very inuitive, simple and fun to use.

So, how does it works? Just follow the 6 simple steps below:
1. Register your Account and tag your Facebook and/or Twitter account to your ID (or you can log-in directly through your Twitter Account). You will get x number of seeds upon successful registration.
2. Select the country you are coming from.
3. Indicate up to 5 categories of your interests (e.g. Internet Marketing, Self Development etc...)
4. Next, it's action time, you can choose to view the random list of users from Facebook, Twitter or Youtube channel
5. Select whether you want the list to be filtered by country (i.e. from same country as you) OR with the same interest(s). [System will always display another separate random list for your consideration]
6. Every time when you follow/befriend a user, you will gain the indicated number of seeds. Of course, the reverse is true too i.e. whenever somebody follow/befriend you, your seeds will be reduced accordingly.
P/S: If you want to get more friends/followers within a shorter time, there is an option for you to buy "one-off purchase" or "monthly subscription package" to ensure that you have enough supplier of seeds for others to follow/befriend you!

Thats' it, from then on, just repeat steps 4 to 6 until you are happy with your friends/followers list.

Attached is the main screen of Twiends, click on the image below to explore further on this fantastic tool:

I hope you will find this tool is of help and do feel free to drop me a line or two in the comment on your review.



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