Sunday, 1 May 2011

Welcome to "IM Foundation"

Hi there,

Welcome to IM (Internet Marketing) Foundation and thank you for your time here with me!

My name is Richard Ng, I am from Singapore, a very small Asia country which usually refers to as "Little Red Dot". My objective in developing this blog to provide one-stop IM (Internet Marketing) resource platform to all Internet Marketers, in plain English.

All the information/knowledge provided in this blog were gathered through my personal research and evaluation over the web. I hope IM Foundation can be developed and progressed into a one-stop resource platform on information/knowledge for the Internet Marketers, especially those beginners.

For a quick glance, following are the Pages available
  • Home : Current page.
  • IM Basics : For those who are still clueless about what the IM(Internet Marketing) is, this is the page you should go to first as it provide you with an bird's eye view of the IM.
  • Advertising : Resources on placement of advertisement on your site/blog
  • Affiliating : Resources on linking to third party affiliate programs
  • IM Forums/Blogs : Forums/Blogs that related to IM that is good for your networking and creating back links
  • IM Social Media : Related Facebook, Twitter pages for your networking and creating back links
  • IM Glossary : All IM jargon explained here
  • Contact Me : My contact details, hope to receive your feedback and comment.
I will keep the information here updated regularly, do come back often to discover the new information/ knowledge as information is KING is the IM World!

Keep learning and wish your IM venture is a successful one!


Richard Ng - May 2011

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