Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Can You Still Earn Money Online? If Yes, How?

If you are new to the Internet Marketing (IM), I am sure you are as skeptical as I am when I was first introduced to IM world a few months ago through a FREE eBook by Mr Alvin Phang (which focusing on earning money through blogging). After a couple of months of reading and online/offline research, to my surprise, the IM potential is actually growing rapidly at unstoppable pace, especially with the mobile marketing coming into play more prominently now!

So, my resounding answer is YES YES YES! You can still make money online! I am sure most of the Internet Marketers will agree with me! Please take note that I said "earn" and not "make" as IM is NOT a Get Rich Quick program which many of you might already been "brainwashed" to believe it as such. In fact, you need to put in efforts and time (lots of it if you are the beginners) to learn and re-learn and most importantly, TAKE ACTION. Knowledge is KING as far as IM is concerned.

Noticed that I did not mentioned that you need to pay or invest any cold hard cash to get started? To me, it is NOT a necessity but if you have deep pocket and don't mind spending some money for the info-products, seminars, workshops etc... You definitely are welcome to do so. Having said that, do take note that it does not guarantee your success in IM by just spending the bucks! ;-P

In fact, there are much more ways to make money online now then before. Every now and then, there will be new innovative and creative program/scheme popping-up to entice the webmaster or blogger alike to join them as affiliates/publishers. Thus, it's much easier to get into the IM bandwagon now than before!

Of course, with all the IM jargon like PPC, PPV, CPM, SEO etc... (refer to "IM Glossary" page for their explanation), it does scare off many of the IM newbies. Hence, I am trying my very best to cut-through all the jargons and confusing schemes/programs and present to the readers a simple to read IM Table called "IM Foundation Matrix", which explain the typical IM models that you can use to earn money online, in plain English.

                                     IM Foundation Matrix                                       
Model 1: MARKET OWN PRODUCT/SERVICES                                                        
Brief Description:
1. creating your own products/services and market it online or offline. Typical products/services are : info-products like eBook, conduct seminar or webinar, article writing or web-hosting services etc..
2. if you are an IM newbie, this might not be a right place to start your IM venture.

Model 2 : ADVERTISING                                                                                            
Brief Description:
1. Placing of the selected advertisement on your website/blog/email content and earn money when visitors click (PPC) or view(PPV) or act(PPA) on the advertisement links.
2. This is the easiest method for the IM beginners to get started.
3. Type Of Advertising programs:
a. Placement of visual advertisement like banners, text with links etc...
b. In-Text Advertisement : less intrusive advertisement whereby selected words/phrase of the content of the website/blogs are being converted into advertisement links. When reader move the mouse over to these links, the advertisement pop-up! Another  innovative variation of such advertisement is from ExitJunction which will pop-up the advertisement only upon visitors click on the "back" button.
4. Click HERE to find out more details.

Model 3 : AFFILIATING                                                                                             
Brief Description:
1. Marketing/selling the products/services of another party (advertisers) online.
2. Usually you need to create an online Sales Page to promote the products/services.
3. You will earn the commission/fees when somebody buy the products/services.
4. Click HERE to find out more details.

Model 4: PAID TO CLICK (PTC)                                                                                 
Brief Description:
1. The vendor hosts a series of mini-advertisement or offers that allow you to click on the advertisements, fill-up the survey or sign-up as members to earn money.
2. Usually the amount earned can be as small as" 0.01" or "0.02" cents per click/survey and there is limit of clicks that you can perform per day. Thus, it might not be justifiable for your time invested (taking into account the opportunity cost).
3. Usually there is referral program whereby you can refer the scheme to others and when they joined, you can earn a portion of what the referee earned.
4. For this model, you just need a computer and internet connection i.e. there is no need to set-up your own website or blog.
This is more suitable for user with time to kill and want to earn small pocket money along the way.

I am sure there are other models which are covered by the above matrix (like website flipping) but on high level, the above table documented the main actions of IM as a whole.

Hope that the above is of benefit to you and wish you have a wonderful and meaningful IM Venture. First thing first: Do find your niche market!


P/S: You may heard about making money through blogging, email marketing etc...but blogging and email alone would not make any money unless the owner "monetize" it with the above mentioned IM model!  


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  2. Hi Veronica,

    Thanks for your comment and kind words.

    All the best to your venture too.


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