Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How to find your IM Niche Market?

For IM (Internet Marketing) beginners, the first step is usually to find a niche market that you are interested to spend effort, time and money (if necessary) with, as IM is not a get rich quick program that many newbies/beginners thought it is! It requires lots of learning and effort in testing your approach until you get it right! Also, it takes a while for it to show the result. So, never GIVE UP easily!

Thus, you need to find a niche market that you are prepared to spend a fair bit (in fact, a lot) of time with. However, many IM beginners find it difficult to find a niche market to focus on (or unable to make up their mind because there are simply too many choices available).

To me, there are simply 2 key elements to focus on when come to deciding the niche market for the beginners.

1) Never choose the niche that is too popular at the moment:
a. For popular niche (like weight loss, health niche in USA at the moment), it is too competitive for the beginners to get anything out of it now.
b. The demand could be diluted by the time the IM beginners get their IM site/blog ready to face the market.

2) Choose the niche of your interest/hobby:
a. Always choose your niche from within (i.e. what do you like to do as hobby? What is your knowledge, experiences so far that you are able to contribute immediately? etc...)
b. If you have many hobbies/interests to choose from, make a decision to start your IM venture with one or two niche first. Once you have gotten yourself started and get the momentum going, you can expand your reach with other niches as well. Remember, for IM, there is no limit to the number of niche (sites/blogs) that you can create to earn money. In fact, the more diversification you get, your potential streams of income will increase. So, sky is the limit!

All the best to your IM venture.


P/S: Father's Day is around the corner, don't forget this important day amidst your IM venture! ;-P

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