Friday, 2 March 2012

What's Inside A New Blogger's Mind? [INFOGRAPHIC]

To all my fellow bloggers, either you are a newbie or a professional blogger, I am sure you are going through (or have been through) some dilemmas when you kick-start your blogging venture. Blogging is a great and fun way to express yourself in the virtual world. That's what most hobby bloggers are doing. Of course, if you do it rightly, blogging can be another substantial passive income stream as well. That's what most professional bloggers are doing (or trying to achieve).

If you are in the Blogophere long enough, I am sure you know some of the pioneer professional bloggers made millions just by blogging alone, for example John Chow Dot Com and Quick Sprout (Neil Patel). Of course, they are not making it big overnight and I am sure they have been through lots of hard work and learning (relearning). You can't possibly get rich overnight by blogging but it is a potential avenue to earn sizeable income in a long run (with hard work and learning, of course).  

Infolinks, the authoritative in-text advertising provider, has just released a colourful and meaningful Infographic entitled "The Brain Of A Blogger". I attest to it as it is pretty much what has went through my mind when I starting out my own blogging venture.

I am resharing the infographic here (click on the image to enlarge). Enjoy the good stuff..

The Brain Of A Blogger
Do you agree with thea bove findings i.e. is that what's went through your mind too?


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