Tuesday, 28 February 2012

SPECIAL: Web Hosting Geeks

For any business (big or small) or entrepreneur to have an online presence, you need to create a website (or at least a blog). To host the website/blog, you need a web hosting service from a third party provider. Web hosting is liken the land of your house (and your house number/address is your domain name). There are countless FREE and PAID web hosting providers in the market. Thus, it might be a huge challenge to find a suitable one that fit your needs.

I've chanced upon a web hosting review site Web Hosting Geeks which will make your hunt simpler. It provides web hosting review, rating and awards since 2004. It is a trusted source for web hosting related information and/or comparison. I especially like their Web Hosting Awards page which is basing on the real user reviews to award the best web hosting providers in different categories like "Best Budget Hosting", "Best eCommerce Hosting" etc.

So, before signing-up any web hosting services, do check out this informative review site so that you can make an informed decision which will save you time and headache in the future. 



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