Saturday, 11 February 2012

Why Is Participating In Web Directory Important?

Effectively, online marketing (or internet marketing) is quite similar to the normal bricks and mortar marketing that the businesses are using prior to the internet arena. The key differences are on the channel(s) that made available to us through the internet space, as well as the global reach of our marketing effort. Thus, if you are involved in some kind of business venture (be it online business, eCommerce or bricks and mortar model), do ensure to make internet marketing as part of your marketing plan.  

Today, I am going to single out one marketing approach that many businesses still participated in i.e. submitting/subscribing their business to the Yellow Pages (Telephone Directory) or Web Directory. I am of the view that this approach is still relevant in the current market place as there is no such thing as too much exposure of your business (as long as it's a valid and good exposure). Effectively, higher exposure = higher potential traffics = higher potential sales/conversion!

There are many web directory platforms available on the internet, both paid and free version. Of course, there are benefits to be on the paid version. Most paid web directory services will assist the advertisers to make their list more SEO (search engine optimization) friendly and will be featured regularly on their home page for even greater exposure. Thus, if budget is not an issue, I would recommend all business venture to go for paid web directory placement.

One of such promising paid web directory that I've chanced upon recently is Goldenter Directory. Do check it out and get your business much needed supplementary exposure and traffics through this SEO friendly and manually reviewed (by human editors) web directory.


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