Saturday, 10 March 2012

Best Google Adsense Equivalent For In-Image Ads

I am sure most of you have heard of Google's Adsense (THE most favourite PPC [Pay Per Click] ads network in the market), however, in view of the tight guidelines, not everyone can get into the network or might have been suspended (for unknown reason). Thus, it is always good to know some viable alternatives around.

If you have a site or blog with photos or images (who doesn't?) and are looking for such alternatives, you are in the right place. Luminate (previously known as Pixazza Inc) is the worldwide leader in making your photos/images interactive. I've chanced upon this fantastic network only a week ago and have since accepted by the network and incorporated the codes in my blog. If you are keen to see the real thing, check out my other blog at Great Little Moments. Meanwhile, I am still testing out the appropriate ads placement ratio and monitoring it's revenue potential.

Following are some key salient points that I like about Luminate:

1. The focus of Luminate is not on advertising but rather the interactivity of the images/photos. Thus, on top of the in-image overlay ads placement (minimum image size must be 200x200), you can also incorporate other cool features like youtube trailer, wikipedia etc... within your image. I especially like their in-image social sharing button whereby reader can easily share your image to their facebook or twitter's wall in one click. Cool right?

2. The Image Overlay ads placement (if incorporated) comprises of CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille) models. Thus, you have the best of both world.

3. The acceptance to the network is instant (as long as your site/blog falls within their guidelines) and you can incorporate the codes into your site/blog immediately.

4. The minimum thrash hold for payment is one of the lowest at USD10 (payment can be made by Paypal).

As I mentioned earlier, I am still monitoring the outcome of it's revenue potential and thus not able to make any comparison to other networks in terms of the rates. However, it is definitely one of the network worth exploring if your site/blog has plenty of photos/images.

Example of how your image will looks like when it is "luminated":

If you have any past experience with Luminate (or Pixazza), do share your experience here.



  1. I have never heard of this company before but I will check them out. A $10 threshold sure beats Google's $100 threshold,

  2. Hi Mazzastick,

    Ya, I only chanced upon it recently, the site looks cool and the technology used looks sleek too!

    All the best.


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