Friday, 24 June 2011

Facebook - Fan Page Pro

Social Media, especially Facebook has become a critical element towards the success of Internet Marketing. With the more than 500 millions members base and it's free to create Fan Page feature. It is a powerful tool to promote your sites/blogs//products/services.

Do you have a facebook fanpage or planning to create one? Admire to own a fanciful Fan Page that allow you to create  an effective squeeze page or landing page right inside your facebook?

If you answer "Yes" to the above, you must check out the Fan Page Pro product which allow you to create all the above without any technical skills or coding. The benefits:
  • Simple and effective template to fit any industry.
  • Easy to use editor for all the content editing.
  • Instant Live updating - hands free content updates.
(Click on the image to explore further):

All the best in your IM venture.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Next Wave : Mobile Marketing

Internet Marketing is getting saturated with more and more internet marketers, big and small, coming into the bandwagon. With the expected higher marketing/advertising budget from the companies over the globe in 2011, definitely there is still potential in Internet Marketing. The BIG question is how big (or small) of the pie can you get out of it?

Thus, it is always prudence to keep up to date on the available options in earning money online. One big wave that coming our way, slowly but surely, is Mobile Marketing. With the hugely popular and wide spread smartphone/tablet around the world, especially iPhone and iPad, marketing effort targeting the audience on the go is the natural progress of "internet" marketing. 

So, why is mobile marketing getting so much attention now? My takes are:
1. The mobile market is HUGE and it can only get BIGGER.
2. As mobile phone is usually registered with an individual, it is more effective to launch a marketing with targeted audience.
3. The response to the marketing effort is usually instantaneous because of the real time notification and powerful push-mail services in most smartphones.
4. Most smartphones are incorporated with the built-in Social Media apps like facebook, twitter etc... which make it more convenient and quicker to "push" the marketing request to the users.

If you are still very new to Mobile Marketing, it is about time to learn and earn on the go. Following are 2 highly recommended mobile marketing books for the newbies:

Do check it out and enjoy the huge potential of mobile marketing venture.


Monday, 20 June 2011

SPECIAL : BloggingClicks Giveaway!

Are you a blogger or webmaster that are looking for ways to monetize your blogs? Find it hard to get into the contextual advertisers like Google's Adsense (or recently being banned due to unknown reason)?

Fret not! Today I am going to recommend a relatively new Contextual Ads Network called BloggingClicks which will definitely serve as a great option to monetize your blog/website.

I've had a good and pleasant experience with one of the Account Manager there. His response is prompt and professional. 

What's even more attractive is that BloggingClicks is currently running a campaign to Give-Away $100 By Participating In The BloggingClicks Giveaway! It's not a lucky draw, everyone that participate get the cash! Do check it out as there is nothing to lose!

All the best to your blogging venture!


Friday, 17 June 2011

The World's Most Popular/Visited Sites?

Information is KING, especially in the Internet Marketing world. The entire web/Internet is our market. Thus, any information/resources gained  pertaining to the web/Internet will be an added advantage to us.

If you are a beginner in Internet Marketing, I believed your daily routine will involve searching the web for resources related to your venture. Ever wonder which are the most popular/most visited sites in the world? In your own country or in any specific country of your choice? If you were given a specific site (for example "warriorforum"), do you know how popular is this site?

Fret not, the FREE resource is here! You can find all the above answers on the spot through an authority site called Alexa. It's ranking system is basing on the past 3 months' traffics of the entire web.

If you were to visit Alexa now, you will notice that the current top 5 global sites are:
5. (no wonder blogging is so popular!)

In Singapore, the top 5 sites are:

As for the specific site like (which is the bible forum for Internet marketers), it has a global ranking of 192 and US ranking of 67 (see below), which is not too bad at all.

On top of such free real time information, you can register and incorporate the traffic widget into your site/blog to showcase your site/blog's Alexa ranking. 

P/S: For those who have not sign-up for IM Foundation's mailing list, do consider signing-up this FREE subscription by just  inputting your name and email address (at the right hand panel). More free resources will be shared with you directly to your in-box!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

SPECIAL: More Ways To Earn Money Online!

In my last post, I've shared a community site, MyLot that allows you to participate and earn money while posting and uploading your photos etc...

Today, I am going to share two more unique ways to earn money online. I must emphasize that they are NOT new but worth a try if you are a newbie to the Internet Marketing world and want to get yourself motivated by seeing quicker action in your Paypal Account. Also, these sites are not meant to make you rich and you need to "earn" it (if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, I am afraid I have to disappoint you!).

1. For Social Media Enthusiasts (applicable to residents of Singapore and Malaysia only!):
If you are into Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter etc., like to share good news/offers to your friends/fans and at the same time earn some rewards, this is the site for you! ChurpChurp. Click on the logo below for FREE registration.

2. For writers/bloggers:
AssociatedContent, from Yahoo! Allows you share your knowledge through articles, video, audio and slideshow submission. I especially like this type of site as it allows you to learn and earn at the same time. There are two ways to get involved in this site, you can either claim the assignments of your interest (assignments will be auto-assign to you upon your successful registration) or submit your fresh article/video/audio/slideshow to the site for approval. Click on the logo below to join the Yahoo! Contributor Network FREE. Your works can potentially be viewed by millions of online users!

Join the Yahoo! Contributor Network

All the best in your online venture!


Saturday, 11 June 2011

myLot - A Community Site That You Can Post And Earn!

Today, I chanced upon a great community site called myLot which allow you to perform the following activities and at the same time, earn residual income from it (doesn't it sounds great?):
  • Post/response to discussion thread (similar to the forum posting but you can start/response to the discussion from many different interest groups, like "Make Money Online", "Facebook", "Specific Movie" etc...)
  • Find and complete micro tasks to earn the specified fee (similar concept like
  • Share and upload your blog (free publicity and backlinks to your blog)
  • Upload your photos (yes, you can earn money just by uploading pictures on the relevant discussion thread).
In fact, this community site has been around for quite a number of years and is a reputable community with huge members base of more than 230K members. If you are still not a members, I would encourage you to give it a try, click on the image below to access the site. This community would not make you rich but it does provide you with a "by the way" residual income avenue for doing almost the same thing that you are probably doing day in day out in facebook. The major difference is this community PAYs you for doing it!

Even though this model is not really part of the "Internet Marketing" family and it falls closer to the "Earn Money Online" niche but if you like posting or responding to comments, this is a great community site to be in! 

Hope you folks find it interesting and worthwhile! 


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Why Internet Marketing Forums Is So Important?

In Internet Marketing, Knowledge is KING (I can't emphasize it more)! Of course, there are paid online information/knowledge/products that worth considering to facilitate your learning curve. I will share with you folks more of my findings on recommended products in the subsequent posts.

Meanwhile, I am focusing on the FREE information/knowledge over the internet. The sheer load of information available over the internet is simply overwhelming. Thus, it is important to know where to find the right information. Forums is one of the MUST GO sites for all Internet Marketers (newbies or savvy), you should be able to find lots of niche information from the IM expert as well as contribute/sharing your view.

Today, I am going to share the TOP 3 AUTHORITY IM forums that you cannot afford to miss out:

1. Warrior Forum -- Many IM experts are here to share their knowledge and lots of niche searching are available in this forum. Also, their WSO (Warriors Special Offer) sub-forums is a great place to find paid products/services!

2. Digital Point -- Next In the line is Digital Point. Serve the IM community with similar intent and intensity.

3. V7N Webmaster Forum -- I know, the website name is not very catchy but this is another authority IM forum and serve many members well.

Note: All forums do have tight guidelines in posting, do adhere to their guidelines to avoid being banned (temporarily or permanently) from the community and always observe tactfulness when posting!

So, why Forum is so important for the success of Internet Marketing? Here are some of the reason just out of my head (I am sure there are more):
1. Learning and Sharing together with all Internet Marketers and relationship building.
2. Establish your credential in the IM circle/community which will come in handy in your future development.
3. Create backlinks to your site/blog which means more traffics.
4. Potential/Exposure to selling your own products/services through forums etc...

Happy Forum-ing...