Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Next Wave : Mobile Marketing

Internet Marketing is getting saturated with more and more internet marketers, big and small, coming into the bandwagon. With the expected higher marketing/advertising budget from the companies over the globe in 2011, definitely there is still potential in Internet Marketing. The BIG question is how big (or small) of the pie can you get out of it?

Thus, it is always prudence to keep up to date on the available options in earning money online. One big wave that coming our way, slowly but surely, is Mobile Marketing. With the hugely popular and wide spread smartphone/tablet around the world, especially iPhone and iPad, marketing effort targeting the audience on the go is the natural progress of "internet" marketing. 

So, why is mobile marketing getting so much attention now? My takes are:
1. The mobile market is HUGE and it can only get BIGGER.
2. As mobile phone is usually registered with an individual, it is more effective to launch a marketing with targeted audience.
3. The response to the marketing effort is usually instantaneous because of the real time notification and powerful push-mail services in most smartphones.
4. Most smartphones are incorporated with the built-in Social Media apps like facebook, twitter etc... which make it more convenient and quicker to "push" the marketing request to the users.

If you are still very new to Mobile Marketing, it is about time to learn and earn on the go. Following are 2 highly recommended mobile marketing books for the newbies:

Do check it out and enjoy the huge potential of mobile marketing venture.


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