Saturday, 11 June 2011

myLot - A Community Site That You Can Post And Earn!

Today, I chanced upon a great community site called myLot which allow you to perform the following activities and at the same time, earn residual income from it (doesn't it sounds great?):
  • Post/response to discussion thread (similar to the forum posting but you can start/response to the discussion from many different interest groups, like "Make Money Online", "Facebook", "Specific Movie" etc...)
  • Find and complete micro tasks to earn the specified fee (similar concept like
  • Share and upload your blog (free publicity and backlinks to your blog)
  • Upload your photos (yes, you can earn money just by uploading pictures on the relevant discussion thread).
In fact, this community site has been around for quite a number of years and is a reputable community with huge members base of more than 230K members. If you are still not a members, I would encourage you to give it a try, click on the image below to access the site. This community would not make you rich but it does provide you with a "by the way" residual income avenue for doing almost the same thing that you are probably doing day in day out in facebook. The major difference is this community PAYs you for doing it!

Even though this model is not really part of the "Internet Marketing" family and it falls closer to the "Earn Money Online" niche but if you like posting or responding to comments, this is a great community site to be in! 

Hope you folks find it interesting and worthwhile! 



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