Friday, 7 March 2014

Top 25 Most Influential Performance Marketers (Infographic)

Top 25 Influencer in performance marketing 2014 infographic
Let's faced it, the big guys in Internet Marketing arena are mostly focusing on Performance Marketing (comprising of Affiliate Marketing [get paid when your customer buy the seller's products/services as well as CPA Marketing [get paid when your customer take an action specified by the sellers e.g. filling-up registration form etc..]).
Recently, Impact Radius has released an Infographic featuring the most influential performance marketers in 2014 : “Top 25 Performance Marketing Influencers”. Happy to see quite a number of familiar faces there, I guess that's why they are influential! ;-)
The names that strike a chord to me personally are : John Chow, Pat Flynn and Jac Johnson as I followed their blogs/podcasts quite religiously. 

Keep reading for the infographic...


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