Tuesday, 18 March 2014

ClickMagick - The Promising New Click Tracker Service Provider

ClickMagick, the new kid on the block that provide click tracking service and many more seems to be a promising addition in the market.
Founded by three hard-core affiliate marketers (lead by Patrick Kelly), they sleep and breath CLickMagick and developed a SaaS (Software As A Service) that they are so confidence to guarantee to make your existing traffics 56% more profitable.  
Following are what ClickMagick is all about :
1. It tracks all your ads and links
2. It automatically adds new layers of monetization.
3. It does affiliate link cloaking
4. It does click/conversion tracking
5. It provides A/B split-testing
6. It provides click-fraud monitoring
7. It provides "ninja" geotargeting and many more
8. It provides the capability to add a custom pop-up to any page (this is cool and critical to help you enhance your site's conversion rate)
9. It provides the capability to add a MagickBar to any of your link (including affiliate links) :
10. It provides the capability to add a countdown timer to your pop-up link (as proven, timer could increase the conversion by 68%)
11. Last but not least, it is hosted in cloud and built for speed.
Following is a video review done by Ryan Evan...

The highlight from him is :
"ClickMagick has blown me away ... multiple times!" 
If you are involved in affiliate marketing and still struggle with the conversion rate, which is paramount, you may want to check out ClickMagick, which could be the turning point to your venture.
Try ClickMagick Free for 14 days by signing-up via the banner below:

This is how confidence ClickMagick claimed towards their product:
"You'll make more money or we'll personally help you do it ourselves. Guaranteed."