Monday, 30 April 2012

Recommended CPM (Cost Per Mille) Network for smaller size blog/website, cpm
Updated on 5th Aug 2012: ALERT ! is a scam site!  Through my experience, your withdrawal through Paypal will never be materialised, so please avoid this site at all cost 

(I purposely retain this post to ensure that any new comer is aware of this scam site)

If you are just commence your online venture (either via blog or website) and are looking for ways to monetize it, one of the obvious option is through placement of the CPM (Cost Per Mille) advertisements. If you are totally clueless about CPM, following is the definition from Wikipedia:

“CPM is also called cost per thousand (CPT) (in Latin mille means thousand), is a commonly used measurement in advertising and online advertising can be purchased on the basis of showing the ad to one thousand viewers. CPM reflects the cost per 1000 estimated views of the ad.”
For example, as a publisher, if the CPM network offers a rate of $1.50 CPM, it means that you will earn $1.50 per 1,000 views.

Usually, the CPM rate varies from country to country (typically the rates for traffics from US, UK or Europe are higher).
There are many established CPM networks like Tribal Fusion, Casale Media, Value Click Media etc…in the market. However, the bad news is that most of these established networks have stringent requirements on traffics volumn. In short, usually your existing blog/website must have already with ten of thousands (or even millions) Pageviews Per Month before you are eligible to join the network.

Fret not! Today, I am going to share an established smaller CPM network caters for smaller size blog/website. With this network, you can take advantage of the CPM advertising channel without having to worry about your traffics volumn (in short, traffic volumn is not one of the pre-requisite to join the network).

CPM Network Name: CPM.Biz (what a great domain name!)

Some of the great benefits of this network:
1. Quick and automatic online registration allows you to self-register into the network within minute and start to place the ads into your blog/website immediately.
2. Very low minimum payment threshold: $5 for Paypal (and the payment is processed on daily basis i.e. most of the time if you requested the payment via paypal today, you would receive your money the next working day)
3. Offer both CPM and CPC (Cost Per Click) ads format in various sizes (300x250, 728x90 and 160x600). So, you can pick and choose the suitable ad size for your blog/website.
4. Almost real-time online reporting that refreshes every 10 minutes or so.

Do check out as it could be a great alternative for your online passive income stream (on top of whatever monetization channels you are using now).
If you have other similar CPM network(s) to recommend or have any prior experience with, do share your view here. 


P/S: Being a movie buff, I like to share resources about movies (especially 3D movies) as well. Recently, I've spent a few days to compile a list of upcoming 3D movies to be released from May to July in a colourful and catchy presentation. Thus, if you are into 3D movies, feel free to download the following “2012 Upcoming 3D Movies guide”, which is hot from oven. (click on the image or hyperlink to download the FREE guide in PDF format):

upcoming 3d movies

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Six Most Relevant Infographics On Social Media for 2012 and Beyond

social media
The invasion of Social Media into our daily lives have been on the steep upwards trend ever since the appearance of Facebook. What make it even more invasive now is because of the subsequent introduction of other popular sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest (which is the latest craze in the social media space), so, it is just impossible to miss any of such social media mentioning in any of the website/blog that you are visiting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against any of these social media sites, In fact, I am promoting the use of social media in your online venture as they are the great channel to attract targeted traffics (if you approach it correctly i.e. not spamming). What I am trying to highlight it that Social Media is here to stay and it is something that every internet marketer should pay attention to (if they have not done so)!

I am not an expert in Social Media but it is a keen topic of mine for my online venture. Today, I am going to share the mother of all infographics collection on Social Media. I am pretty sure that all the social medias that worth mentioning are mentioned here. So, check it out on how they each fair through these awesome infographics (click on the images to enlarge) .

1. Infographic On Facebook:
infographic on facebook

2. Infographic On Twitter:
infographic on twitter

3. Infographic On Youtube:
infographic on youtube
4. Infographic On LinkedIn:
infographic on Linkedin

5. Infographic On Pinterest:
infographic on pinterest

6. Infographic On Instagram (acquired by Facebook in Apr 2012 for $1 Billion):
infographic on instagram

What do you think of these infographics? Share your view here.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

SPECIAL : Bold Declaration Of Services

Accident do happen! That's where the Accident Insurance (be it Personal Accident or Motor Accident Cover) comes into picture to close the financial gap due to an accident. 

Recently, I chanced upon an interesting website from an Accident Law Firm in Honolulu, Hawaii: Oahu Personal Injury Law Firm. I was not attracted to it because of its web design or the photos/videos placement but rather a bold statement of the commitment of their service that said : NO FEE UNTIL WE RECOVER FOR YOU.

I must say that it is a very bold and confident commitment to all the potential clients out there. From the customer's point of view, there is nothing to lose but everything to gain, so why not? Come and think of it, it is actually a very clever commitment and make business sense!

Note: The company specialized in all types of personal injury lawsuits, such as: car accidents, truck accidents, moped accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian injuries, and insurance claims. There are two offices in Oahu. One office is in Ewa Beach and the other office is in Honolulu. They offer free consultations and do not charge attorney fees unless we win your case.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Infographics Way To Help You Choose The Blogging Platform

Are you new to the blogophere or planning to kick off your blogging venture? If yes, whether you are planning to blog as a hobby or aiming to become a professional blogger and use it as a platform for passive income stream, one of the first few things that should come to your mind is: Which blogging platform to use?

There is not hard and fast rule in selecting the best blogging platform that suit your needs. Of course, if you asked around, the most popular ones will be: Wordpress, Blogger, Typad, Tumblr etc...Each of these platforms has its pros and cons and most of the more popular platforms like Wordpress and Blogger have the Hosted version, which is FREE. However, most professional bloggers will recommend you to go for self-hosted version as it looks more professional and more customizable (which is true). Of course, self-hosted version comes with a price i.e. you need to purchase the Domain Name (annual cost), Hosting services (annual or monthly cost) and customized template (if deemed necessary). It is a small investment though.

As you might already noticed, this blog is in FREE hosted version (Blogger) and so far I am still satisfied with the result. Thus, it is really up to the individual but if you are newbie to blogging (and not sure whether blogging is something you like to do in the long run), my recommendation is to start with the FREE hosted version first (be it in Wordpress or Blogger).

I've collated 3 infographics on Blogging platforms which hopefully will help you in finding your suitable blogging platform. Enjoy!

1. Comparison among the popular blogging platforms:
most popular blogging platform

2. Survey from 3,000 bloggers for the chosen blogging platform:
blogging platform

3. Wordpress being the most popular platform, this infographic helps you with the pros and cons of the FREE version ( vs the Self-Hosted version (

Monday, 2 April 2012

10 Authority Blogs/Websites That Will Fire Up Your Blogging Venture

Are you looking to start your blogging venture or a proud owner of blog(s)? If yes, then this blog post is meant for you. Whether you are a newbie in blogging or are looking for way(s) to expand your existing blog(s) further, one of the way is to learn from the experts (no, I am not an expert in blogging yet!). If you Google Search on the topics like “professional blogging”, “Blogging Guides” etc…, you will receive countless results. The issue is which ones are the real gems?
Throughout my 1 year plus Internet Marketing venture, I have came across quite a numbers of reputable and authority blogs/websites which are very useful. The coverages are ranging from blogging tips, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media to Content Marketing and many other related topics. Thus, I’ve decided to compile the list and share it here:
  1. ProBlogger
  2. TopRankBlog
  3. CopyBlogger
  4. DailyBlogTips
  5. BloggingTips
  6. John Chow
  8. SiteProNews
  9. SocialMediaExaminer
  10. DailySEOTip
Bonus: If you are looking for the latest technology and/or Social Media related news and tips, do check out the following authority websites:
  1. Mashable
  2. TechCrunch
  3. ReadWriteWeb
  4. MakeUseOf
I am sure this is only a small fraction of the overall list and new authority blogs/websites are sprouting out every now and then. Thus, if you happen to come across any reputable blogs/websites, do share it with us here (in the comment section).

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