Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Infographics Way To Help You Choose The Blogging Platform

Are you new to the blogophere or planning to kick off your blogging venture? If yes, whether you are planning to blog as a hobby or aiming to become a professional blogger and use it as a platform for passive income stream, one of the first few things that should come to your mind is: Which blogging platform to use?

There is not hard and fast rule in selecting the best blogging platform that suit your needs. Of course, if you asked around, the most popular ones will be: Wordpress, Blogger, Typad, Tumblr etc...Each of these platforms has its pros and cons and most of the more popular platforms like Wordpress and Blogger have the Hosted version, which is FREE. However, most professional bloggers will recommend you to go for self-hosted version as it looks more professional and more customizable (which is true). Of course, self-hosted version comes with a price i.e. you need to purchase the Domain Name (annual cost), Hosting services (annual or monthly cost) and customized template (if deemed necessary). It is a small investment though.

As you might already noticed, this blog is in FREE hosted version (Blogger) and so far I am still satisfied with the result. Thus, it is really up to the individual but if you are newbie to blogging (and not sure whether blogging is something you like to do in the long run), my recommendation is to start with the FREE hosted version first (be it in Wordpress or Blogger).

I've collated 3 infographics on Blogging platforms which hopefully will help you in finding your suitable blogging platform. Enjoy!

1. Comparison among the popular blogging platforms:
most popular blogging platform

2. Survey from 3,000 bloggers for the chosen blogging platform:
blogging platform

3. Wordpress being the most popular platform, this infographic helps you with the pros and cons of the FREE version ( vs the Self-Hosted version (

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