Monday, 23 April 2012

Six Most Relevant Infographics On Social Media for 2012 and Beyond

social media
The invasion of Social Media into our daily lives have been on the steep upwards trend ever since the appearance of Facebook. What make it even more invasive now is because of the subsequent introduction of other popular sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest (which is the latest craze in the social media space), so, it is just impossible to miss any of such social media mentioning in any of the website/blog that you are visiting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against any of these social media sites, In fact, I am promoting the use of social media in your online venture as they are the great channel to attract targeted traffics (if you approach it correctly i.e. not spamming). What I am trying to highlight it that Social Media is here to stay and it is something that every internet marketer should pay attention to (if they have not done so)!

I am not an expert in Social Media but it is a keen topic of mine for my online venture. Today, I am going to share the mother of all infographics collection on Social Media. I am pretty sure that all the social medias that worth mentioning are mentioned here. So, check it out on how they each fair through these awesome infographics (click on the images to enlarge) .

1. Infographic On Facebook:
infographic on facebook

2. Infographic On Twitter:
infographic on twitter

3. Infographic On Youtube:
infographic on youtube
4. Infographic On LinkedIn:
infographic on Linkedin

5. Infographic On Pinterest:
infographic on pinterest

6. Infographic On Instagram (acquired by Facebook in Apr 2012 for $1 Billion):
infographic on instagram

What do you think of these infographics? Share your view here.


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