Wednesday, 18 April 2012

SPECIAL : Bold Declaration Of Services

Accident do happen! That's where the Accident Insurance (be it Personal Accident or Motor Accident Cover) comes into picture to close the financial gap due to an accident. 

Recently, I chanced upon an interesting website from an Accident Law Firm in Honolulu, Hawaii: Oahu Personal Injury Law Firm. I was not attracted to it because of its web design or the photos/videos placement but rather a bold statement of the commitment of their service that said : NO FEE UNTIL WE RECOVER FOR YOU.

I must say that it is a very bold and confident commitment to all the potential clients out there. From the customer's point of view, there is nothing to lose but everything to gain, so why not? Come and think of it, it is actually a very clever commitment and make business sense!

Note: The company specialized in all types of personal injury lawsuits, such as: car accidents, truck accidents, moped accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian injuries, and insurance claims. There are two offices in Oahu. One office is in Ewa Beach and the other office is in Honolulu. They offer free consultations and do not charge attorney fees unless we win your case.


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