Saturday, 18 August 2012

Google vs Facebook : The Fight on Online Advertising Goes On [Infographic]

facebook vs google
For those of you who are are watching the online space long enough will know that online advertising is a huge and booming business. It is estimated that the online advertising spending in 2012 is valued at USD94.2 billions (USD39.5 billions in US alone) [source:].

The current giant and top online advertising network provider is non other than Google (enjoying 44.1% market share [source:]). Of course, the other social media giant, Facebook is gaining its momentum in the online advertising space as well. Check out the following infographic from Wordstream detailing how each of them performed in the area like Advertising Reach, Revenue/Growth and Ads Format etc. (click/download the image for the expanded image). 

facebook vs google, infographic

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