Monday, 6 August 2012

10 Paid To Blog Networks For Your Blogging Venture

Sorry for being  MIA for the past few weeks, I am back now. The reason for my MIA is due to my eye condition which I shared it in my personal blog post : I am back with almost fully recovered vision

Time flies and we are already in the beginning of Aug 2012. How is your internet marketing or blogging venture goes? I hope you have a great first half of the year and have nicely planned out the remaining  months of the year.

I am pretty sure many bloggers started out their blogging venture out of interest, i.e. the hobbyist bloggers. Along the way, after getting the hang of it, they started to get more involved into it and started to look into ways to monetize their blog(s) i.e. becomes the professional bloggers. Blogging is a long term venture and you need to like what you are doing and writing in order to enjoy it and out run it.

So, if you are blogging for money, do check out the following Paid-To-Blog Networks which might come in handy for your venture:

Except Blogvertise which I have done a few paid blog posts, I have no partnership with the other networks yet. Thus, please read through their T&C and FAQ before signing-up any of the above networks.

Do you have any other Paid-To-Blog networks to recommend? If yes, do share them with us in the comment section.


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