Tuesday, 6 September 2011

SPECIAL: Social Media Marketing For Small Business

For all Internet Marketers, entrepreneur or small business owners who are involved in selling products or services, you can't afford to ignore the Social Media or Social Networking. It is a powerful tool/platform that will create massive traffics/leads for your business, if you do it rightly.

That's why the latest craze of the term "Social Commerce"! Recently, I've chanced upon a video channel that focusing on helping small businesses in coming up with strategies and plan to boost their Social Media Marketing presents, check out the videos via the following links:

Social Media For Small Business

New: Web Video Marketing

Hope you folks like my sharing.


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  1. Social media marketing or SMM today forms an integral part of the small scale business houses. It involve certain techniques and adeptly formulated plans which will not only help a business website gain better visibility but will also give the webpages due exposure. It helps spread the necessary information about a company's service to the set of targeted audience and in the process, helps a visitor turn into a potential buyer. Thanks a lot.

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