Thursday, 22 September 2011

Information! Knowledge! TradePub!

Information (or Knowledge) is very important to ensure survival in the present world. Regardless of which industry you are coming from and whether you are an entrepreneur or work for somebody else, you need information to make a better decision. This is especially true in the eWorld (online world) whereby the information is the  new Currency!

Thus, learning to absorb selective and right level of information is critical. This will ensure that we are keeping abreast of the current development and at the same time keeping our head above the water (i.e. not drown with information overload).

Today, I am going to "add salt to the injury" (hehe) with my new findings: TradePub! TradePub is a portal that provide FREE trade magazines subscription, downloads, whitepapers from over 33 industries and 1,000+ publications to choose from. I am sure you can be benefited from these FREE trade magazines/downloads and get ahead of the pack among your peers!

So, take sometime to browse through the huge collection of publications on the site below and select your desired publication(s) to get it FREE NOW! (do take note that some publications are applicable to selected countries only)


For Internet Marketers like us, I am recommending the following FREE whitepapers/downloads:

Free Business and Tech Magazines and eBooks


P/S: Don't blame me for being a culprit of "overloading" you with FREE stuff!

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