Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bidsketch : Proposal Management Software

Whether you are an internet marketer, entrepreneur or small business owner, I am sure you will involve in generating countless proposals to your potential clients and tracking them manually. It is a daunting task and time consuming if you are not very savvy with the proposal design and the tracking.

Recently, I stumbled upon a site called Bidsketch that produces an intelligent proposal software that do all the hard stuff for you in terms of proposal management. It covers pretty much from head to toe of all your proposal management needs, in summary, this proposal software allows you to:
  1. Create professional looking proposal just by mix and match from existing sections (ready templates to choose from)
  2. Integrated client management section for easier tracking and communication with potential clients
  3. Better communication with clients via the online sharing
  4. Proposal dashboard that give you an bird's eye view of all your proposals on-hand and their progress.
All in all, this proposal software free you from all the daunting tasks so that you can focus on what you are doing best i.e. actual delivery of your services/products. Besides, through this proposal software, your proposal will reach your clients faster and in a more professional looking way, I am sure you will win more proposals with less effort.

Thus, do check out this sleek and intelligent proposal software via the link below:

Bidsketch - Proposal Software

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  2. Software Proposal - The iQuote Xpress system allows contact and proposal information to be securely stored online.