Wednesday, 5 September 2012

SPECIAL : "Adding Oil" To Your Online Venture

Recently, I've published a post entitled "Add Oil" in another blog of mine which I thought quite meaningful to re-share it here with minor touch to make it more relevant to internet marketing theme. For Chinese, whenever we want to express our encouragement to other whenever they are facing with some challenges like sporting event, exam or during difficult times, we will usually use the words "加油" which literally translated into "Add Oil" in English.

We, human being, are just like machine or car that require regular maintenance/booster and oil is one of the necessity to lubricate the internal parts of the machine (in the case of human being, our body and mind) so that we are not stuck with the less optimal condition due to the wear and tear. It's a way to reignite our aspiration and push forward! Anyway, that's just how I link "Add oil" to the encouragement connotation.

Talking about oil, I will have to mention Schaeffer Oil, which is THE go to brand when come to specialized lubricants (for example Dexos-1 synthetic oil ). It serves across multiple industries like agriculture, manufacturing, trucking and high performance racing. Mind you, it was established since 1839. So, with 173 years of history, I am sure they have done something right!

So, to all the internet marketers or aspired internet marketers, ADD OIL!


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