Saturday, 15 September 2012

Gangnam Style - The Anatomy Of Its Success [Infographic]

Gangnam Style gone so viral until it has its very own Infographic now. Psy (the singer) is everywhere in the US media coverage (online and offline) recently busy demoing his dance movements. This is another perfect example showing the true power of social media (youtube in this instance). 

I am pretty sure that majority of the viewer don't even understand what the song is all about but with its cheeky and hilarious dance movements from the MV (especially the Horse Dance), it hits the jackpot many times over.  

As at this moment, the official Gangnam Style MV in Youtube has reached the top 1 video with  175,295,251 viewership and is still going strong. In case (just in case) you still haven't seen the MV, check it out below:

Ok, now that you have at least watched the MV above, interested to find out why is the MV so hot? Check out the infographic below (in English, of course) detailing who is Psy and what is Gangnam (click on the image to view the larger version of the infographic):

So, What do you think of Gangnam Style? Are you addicted to the MV as well? Share your view in the comment section.


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