Friday, 4 May 2012

How A Simple SEO Image Optimization Step Send Me 1 To 2 Thousands Traffics A Day?

Search Engine Optimization
Recently, I’ve made a surprise (but pleasant) discovery of how a simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) step can made such a huge difference in the traffics to my blog. And I am talking about the difference between tens vs thousands.

There is no secret that I am a movie buff and thus I have another blog on 3D Movies. As in any movie websites or blogs, it bounds to share many images (movie posters/stills) and clips. Same thing applies to my blog (ultimate 3D Movies). Initially (Nov 2011), I just upload the media (images, video clips etc…) without any image optimization and the traffics then were just merely about 50 to 60 hits a day.

However, it changed drastically from mid-April 2012 onwards as I’ve put in place a very simple image optimization step with the images and BOOMZ, the traffics gradually gone up to 1-2 thousands hits per day (see screen below). So, what is the magical touch? I believed many of you with SEO background would have already known it. It’s non-other than typing in the relevant and keyword rich “Title Text” and “Alternate Text” (Alt Text) in the images. Yes, this is an additional effort but it sure worth your time and effort.

Of course, if you study the above statistic in greater details, you will notice two things:

1. The traffics drop subsequently and pickup again the next few days (I didn’t drill into this too much as organic search result is very dynamic and it could simply due to the reason that it’s weekend! ;-))

2. The most popular post is “Marvel’s The Avengers Assemble” which is the HOTTEST movie at the moment.

From the Google Analytic tool, I also noticed that most of the new traffics were from the Organic search result via Google Images Search (to be exact, it constitutes more than 60% of the new traffics). With this finding, I deduced that there are more and more people searching the images directly from Google Images Search. Thus, if your niche provides load of images, do make sure to apply this SEO step without fail.

In summary, following are the Image Optimization steps that I’ve applied in every image that I’ve uploaded into my blog:

1. Write the “Title Text”
2. Write the “Alt Text”
3. The description (in “Title Text” and “Alt Text”) should be relevant to your image or blog post
4. To include the right amount of keyword(s) in the “Title Text” and “Alt Text”

One more thing to highlight is that you might not be able to see an immediate effect to your traffics if the blog post (and its relevant images) is not a popular search topic(s) at the moment. Thus, prior to this, it would be worthwhile to search for the hottest topic(s) in your niche and write something about it. Just think about what is the “The Avengers” equivalent in your niche?.

Bonus Tip: 
If you are using Blogger, you can incorporate the “Title Text” and “Alt Text” by following the simple steps below:

1. When you click on the uploaded image, the following options appear, click on “Properties”:

2. In the pop-up box, input the relevant “Title Text” and “ALT Text” and click “OK”:

3. That’s it! Just follow the same steps for every image.

I know this is nothing new and most probably you’ve already applied it to your website/blog but just like to share my joy of discovering its true “value” (in traffics sense). Do you have any great tips on simple on-site SEO to share? Feel free to share them in the comment section.



  1. Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?Thanks for the post SEO Marketing.

  2. Hi Agnus,

    Thanks for dropping by. It does work for me... you are encouraged to try it out as you have got nothing to lose, right? ;-)