Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Only Two Broad Ways Of Earning Money Online!

earn money online
In the internet/Online Marketing arena, there are many ways to earn money online, in fact new methods/ways are springing up every now and then. However, if we examine it in detail, you will notice that effectively there are only 2 broad ways for earning money online.

In short, regardless of what you do in your online venture, it will fall in either or both of these ways. Don’t believe me? Read on and let me explain why…

First, let me start with the brief explanation of the two broad ways that I am referring to:
  1. Earn Money from the advertisers/network providers (advertising, affiliate marketing and MLM marketing effort etc fall under this category). I know what you might be thinking, ultimately the money is still coming from the consumers right? The answer is "Yes" and "No" as there are networks (for example: TradePub) whereby it provides absolutely free content to the consumers and at the same time allow you  (as a publisher) to earn some commission out of it. 
  2. Earn Money from the visitors/consumers (selling your own products, services and times fall under this category). In this way, you are getting paid directly from your visitors/consumers.
So, whether you are a professional blogger who earn online money through your blog via advertising/affiliate marketing placements or an e-entrepreneur who sell your own products/services, you venture will fall into either one of these ways. Of course, it doesn’t prevent you from getting into both the ways i.e. earning from both the advertisers/network providers and the visitors/consumers.

As most pioneer internet marketer will tell you, as internet marketers, we are here to solve problem(s). It is true but the BIG question is whose problem are we resolving? Thus, depending on which target audience (advertisers/network providers vs visitors/consumers) you are serving, you need to channel your more effort/time towards their needs. In short:
  1. If you are earning money from the advertisers/network providers, you need to solve the issue of the advertisers/network providers, which is usually the sales/leads/registration etc…
  2. If you are earning money from the visitors/consumers, it means that you are possessing something that the visitors/consumers don’t have/lack. For example: the knowledge, skills, time etc. Thus, you need to ensure that your product/service matches their requirements/expectation.
Do you agree with me on my viewpoint? Feel free to comment if you have any differing view.


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